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Thank you for your submissions to speak at AgileNZ Conference 2015. Those who submitted a talk for consideration by our speaker panel have been notified and the full Conference programme has now been published...


Our themes for ‘15

The focus for AgileNZ Conference 2015 is transformation. Lean|Agile approaches are not only continuing to transform software delivery, they're being adopted outside of software to transform entire businesses. Government too is on a transformation journey as it strives to deliver better services to citizens through the digital domain. We'll explore the latest thinking in Agile, the development of the 'Agile Enterprise’ and what might be learnt from New Zealand’s digital transformation. More info on each theme below...


#1 Agile Transformation

Agile is now the default approach for most software teams. However, the full potential of Agile is still illusive for many organisations as they struggle to move beyond Agile adoption and transform the surrounding ecosystem to support a fundamentally different way of working.

What is the difference between Agile adoption and Agile transformation? What is involved in transforming an organisation to Agile and what sorts of things change? Who should be involved and what do they do? What might your organisation need to consider?

This track is about answering these questions and more. From war stories to frameworks, lessons to models, this track is all about how to transform to Agile and what is involved.


#2 Agile Enterprise

For decades, organisations that have been household names have stood strong and resilient, relying on sheer size, financial power and often market-leading positions to weather whatever comes their way. The world is changing rapidly. Today, only 12% of companies listed in the 1950’s as Fortune 500 companies are still on the list.

The words ‘Agile’ and ‘Enterprise’ might seem odd side-by-side, but today’s realities mean that Business Agility as a whole – whether it be delivery, operations or strategic – has almost become a necessary requirement to maintain competitive advantage.

No matter where you are in your adoption of bringing Agility to the Enterprise, join us as we share insights, stories and techniques of how a resilient enterprise can harness Agility to stay competitive.


#3 Digital Transformation

Private and public sector organisations all see digital as a critical – if not the default – channel by which they engage their audiences.

We are all well past the point of debating IF digital is important – it is now a matter of understanding HOW we can change our organisations to be really good at it. As a result, being digital has become more important than solely doing digital.

Whether your organisation is still on a journey to transform existing services to digital or looking at continual evolution of existing digital services, it can be a truly transformative ride. Join us as we share digital transformation stories and insights from leading practitioners and our peers who face these challenges daily.


Last year's Conference

AgileNZ Conference 2014 was a great success, attended by nearly 300 people... 

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